Version 2.2 is now available!

(Version 2.2 is the latest version. See change log)

February 28, 2013: Version 2.2
Maintenance version with the following changes:

  1. Able to read and write documents in code page encoding. The document encoding is auto detected and you can manually set it using options/character encoding.
  2. Go to line dialog: Ctrl+g
  3. Bug fix: indent function deletes comments on certain cases
  4. Stability bug fixes

February 8, 2012: Version 2.1
Maintenance version with the following bug fixes:

  1. Fixed: Crash when pasting large text.
  2. Fixed: Crash when typing in the tree pane.
  3. Fixed: Crash when loading XML files with deep nesting.
  4. Fixed: Permission denied message when entering license key
  5. Fixed: When sorting a grid column, numbers that starts with 9 are sorted as strings
  6. When sorting a grid column, empty cells will always show up last.
  7. Fixed duplicate error message after ‘end of file before file close’
  8. Fixed: Partially shown dialog box on certain windows themes.
  9. Fixed: Errors that labeled as warnings
  10. When opening a document that has a syntax error, the error mark will now always be visible.
  11. Fixed confusing behavior when hovering over the error mark

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