XML Marker

The Latest version is 2.2
XML Marker is an XML and JSON Editor that uses a synchronized table-tree-and-text display to show you both the hierarchical and the tabular nature of your XML data.

It automatically produces a tabular display of any selected tag by collecting repeating attribute and tag names and then arranging them into columns. The result is a clutter-free and informative tabular display.

The implementation is very efficient in memory and CPU resources so you can quickly navigate through very large XML files – up to about 500 megabytes.

More features include table sorting, syntax-highlighting editor, automatic indentation/pretty-printing of exiting code, drill down, as-you-type syntax checking, bookmarks, convert to spreadsheet, Branch Selector, non-collapsing editing and more.

XML Marker have full internationalization support with both Unicode/utf-8 and code page encoding.

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WMcCracken 2011-03-22

Interesting UI and simple to use.

demyhr 2011-03-30

Fast and nicely done, however when set as default XML editor in folder options the editor will not open XML fie from the Flight Simulator gauge viewer. Come up with \“can\‘t find C:\\Documents\” error. Other XML editors set as default work fine.

matanasov 2011-04-01

Text replace has a bug: If you replace s1 with s2 where s1 is a substring of s2, it goes (obviously) into a endless recursion.

matanasov 2011-04-01

Nice editor! I would like to see Ctrl+Home (go to the beginning) and Ctrl+End(got to the end of the document) supported. When selected text is deleted (working with shift+arrows), next selection starts at the very beginning of the document, which can cause accidental deletion of parts of the document you don\‘t want to delete.

matanasov 2011-04-01

Very nice error reporting while typing. I will be glad to have a simple \“intellisense\” feature- when you type a \”>\” to have closing tag added automatically for you. It will be good also if the document tree on the left doesn\‘t close everytime you type something…. no matter the document is not well formed at the time of typing it will be good if there is a \“less restricted\” way of analyzing it so the tree doesn\‘t close.

yigal 2011-04-02

Indeed valid points. All, except the intellisense, will get fixed in the upcoming next version.

demyhr 2011-04-05

After using XML Marker for a while I\‘ve noticed one annoying detail. The scroll down arrow scrolls one line at a time but the scroll up button scrolls numerous lines at a time. Don\‘t know if this is intentional or a coding bug.


yigal 2011-04-05

I have successfully reproduced the bug and fixed it. The fix will be available in the upcoming next version.

AJBranson 2011-04-07

There seems to be a problem with any unicode character with a hex code containining 22 eg 產 (a chinese character) hex value = 7522 . The 7522 gets interpreted as \\\“u (\\\” = hex 22, u = hex 75) It ends up with an error like DATA = \\\”\\\“u\\\”

gig 2011-04-07

I can\‘t tell you how happy I feel, seeing development starting on this invaluable tool.

chitty 2011-04-12

This has for a long time been a favourite tool of mine in my XML toolkit. So glad to hear it is to get more love with version 2

diung 2011-04-15

It’s a very useful program.
But I’ve a feature request:
Please notice that the XML file has been modified outside of the XML Maker and conditional reload the file.

babine 2011-04-19

Love this software. I too am enthusiastic to see it’s getting more attention ! :) When can we expect a new version ? Thanks!

yigal 2011-04-22

It should be released within about a month. Sorry for the very long delay.

gig 2011-06-24

Any update on the new version ??

jdhaack 2011-05-25

This program is amazing. I have tried out a handful of different XML Editor tools, and none of them come close to this. XML Marker is very fast, takes little memory, but is still powerful. Right now I am using it to navigate through a 100MB file, and it has no problems.

Stefan_E 2011-05-31

Agree with previous comment – this runs circles around many ‘professional’ XML viewers (which, of course, can do much more, but don’t have the elegance displayed here!)

Really looking forward to next release! – I tagged this as ‘abandoned-ware’; great to learn it’s not!


register007 2011-06-16

I echo that sentiment – and I have many of those ‘professional’ viewer/editors. I’m really looking forward to your release of the UTF-8 compliant version of this product. Thanks for providing the XML community with such a great tool!

fnicolas 2011-06-15

very nice to use, especially the table view, with a possible ordering method for each column.
A nice to have feature will be a “double click” or “shortcut key” to open the “Edit using Editor” feature in the table selection Browser.

bort 2011-06-21

This also has for a long time been a favourite tool of mine. Cant wait for v2

Glen Wardrop 2011-06-27

I really like this editor and use it all the time. the only thing I miss in comparison with XMLSpy is a notification and update if the file has been externally changed.

SJBUSHELL 2011-07-21

Excellent program – I was looking for a program that could graphically display a DTD schema. I started looking at Altova and other paid program when I came acroos this and it’s ideal for the simple use I want it for.

Looking forward to the next release.

socurious 2011-08-18

Thanks for the great tool!
Any chance you could provide feature like, say double click the Tree Selection Browser window and it maximizes the panel to ease the viewing?

mubed 2011-08-21

Great new features in 2.0, but it’s very sad that it’s not freeware anymore. Unfortunately the old-fashioned pricing strategy of shareware especially with such a high price leads the software to be abandoned by current users gradually and be ignored by new users. Turing it into open-source with donation however, would have attracted a lot more new users and at the end of the day, the developers would be paid more! It is really a pity.

Chris Beecher 2011-11-07

Just downloaded to load a large file that I had been able to view in previous version, but had not had tree. This file is 1.3 gb. It can read in the entire file but disappears during the parsing? Can I still use the old version?

yigal 2011-11-07

yes, you can use the old version. They are designed to work side by side. I am not sure I understand the particular problem, can you elaborate and send the problem file?

Ramil 2012-03-29

You’ve got a nice program, and I would have considered buying it because I need an application that will handle 100Mb+ XML files without problems, but somehow your app misses that XML tags can be not only in Latin letters but in other languages also. I live in Russia and here I have to work with XML files that have tag names in Russian like <Документ></Документ> and the encoding attribute in the XML declaration clearly states:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“windows-1251”?>

Your application treats the tag names in Russian like:
Warning: Expecting char data
Error: Unexpected text
Error: Invalid unicode sequence.

I’ve a question to ask will your software support national encodings or I will have to look for something else?

yigal 2012-04-01

Xml marker 2.0 exclusively uses the Unicode standard for all non-Latin languages. Unicode appears to suit most users and is the recommended encoding for all applications. There should be support for non-Unicode encoding in one of the future releases of XML Marker, but it is a rather low priority feature. The main development effort right now if DTD and Schema visualization and validation.

yigal 2012-04-13

Update: non-Unicode encoding is now working in the development version and should be available as a free update in the next month or so.

Martin Dowie 2012-04-18

Great to see an update – loved v1.* :-)

I’d really like a feature where I could select some text in the ‘top right’ window (is there a name for that window?) and then locate its position in the tree view.

yigal 2012-04-18

I also like version version 1.1, but version 2.1 is so much better and is due for a free update that includes:

  1. DTD and Schema validation and visualization
  2. Tree and grid searches
  3. Code page encoding

About the The locate the text: Click anywhere in the text window and then click the locate in tree icon, or press Ctrl+L

yigal 2012-04-18

I am glad you like it. version 3.0 (a free update to version 2.1) should be out soon and will include the following:

  1. DTD and Schema validation and visualization
  2. Tree and grid searches
  3. Code page encoding

About the The locate the text: Click anywhere in the text window and then click the locate in tree icon, or press Ctrl+L

Scott McDaniel 2012-06-06

Very nice – handles large files really well, easy to use. Would like a tabbed interface so I could open multiple files in the same instance.

Leif-Erik Nordbø 2012-07-13

1.1 is my favorite xml editor! I use it mostly for viewing xml files from different sources. When testing 2.1 it stops at an “Invalid Unicode Sequence”. For me this is not a problem, but parsing stops. Could you add a way to ignore this error, label it as a warning or allow parsing to continue when errors?

Zlatin Zlatev 2013-05-13

Any plans on making a 64bit version?

yigal 2013-05-14

Yes. 64 bit version should be released in the next version among the following features.

• DTD and schema validation and visualization.
• Improvements to allow bigger files (64 bit version and some efficiency fixes)
• Search in grid and tree.
• Filtering using XPath and regular expression
• And many more.

Steve Mazur 2013-05-20

The Indent feature – how do I remove the indentation before saving? This capability is written in the feature description but not the method.

yigal 2013-05-20

The only way to remove the indentation is to use the ‘undo’ command. Once you do that you will lose all the changes that you have done after the indent. The reason is that the indent function changes the document by adding and removing spaces and new line characters.

Somewhere in the future there should be an option to undo the indent without undoing subsequent changes. It will be implemented by adding virtual spaces and new lines that are now present in the document itself.

foz 2014-10-23

There is a problem with the indentation, when it creates new lines, only Linefeed is used for creating new lines instead of Carriage Return + Linefeed.

This is really noticeable when you then select all, copy and then paste into notepad, and it’s just pasted in as one big line.

Could this be fixed please? It works in v1.1.

yigal 2014-10-23

I have managed to recreate the problem and will fix it on the next version. As a workaround, use the dos2unix command line program to convert the line ending of the file.

An easy way to obtain dos2unix is by installing git.

Mark Ward 2015-12-30

#1) I’d like the equal sign (after attributes) to NOT have spaces wrapped around them (or make it configurable).

#2) I’d like an “un-indent” (we often work with XML in configuration strings, and it would be nice to be able to EDIT the XML in XML Marker, but get it all back as one continuous line of text to put back in our configuration string).

#3) It would be REALLY nice to be able to see the XPath of a given node (maybe in the Status line, but I’d prefer something I could put on the clipboard).

george murphy 2022-12-29

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