Formula appearance.

Friendly formula appearance
To allow easy entry of numeric and text constants, and to be compatible with existing spreadsheet functionality, the formula entry and display obey the following rules.
  1. If the formula is just one string constant then it is entered and displayed without the quotes.
  2. If the formula is just one numeric or just one boolean constant then it is displayed and entered without any modification.
  3. All other formulas a prefixed by the equal (=) sign.
The following table shows some examples for this.

Formula Entered and displayed. Friendly appearance
"sand dune" Without the quotes sand dune
35 Without modification 35
true Without modification true
4+4 prefixed by the equal sign: = =4+4
"4+4" Without the quotes 4+4
"string" & "string2" prefixed by the equal sign: = ="string" & "string2"
Table: Examples for friendly formula appearance.

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