DTD support

The Latest version is 2.2
DTD support
The current version of XML Maker offers a limited DTD and schema support. It allows you to browse the physical layout of DTD and schema, but does yet validate against them, or offers help building DTD-conformant files.

However, XML Marker can still help you get a bird's eye view of the physical layout of DTD files. XML Marker collects all the DTD elements, and presents them in the Tree View and the Tree Selection Browser. It breaks each element to three parts :
  • The element type (ELEMENT,ATTLIST,ENTITY etc),
  • The element name (the first text that immediately follows the element type
  • The element value (the rest of the text)
Entities and confitional blocks
For entities, XML Marker also displays the public value and system value, if present. For DTD conditional blocks, XML marker displays the block condition, and all the child elements. It renders the child elements in a tree form.

DOCTYPE section
For DOCTYPE section (part of an XML file), XML Marker shows the root element name, the public external DTD, the system external DTD, and all the child elements.

Parse this document as DTD
XML and DTD files have different syntaxes. XML Marker supports both, and decides which syntax to use according to the file name extension. It the extension is "dtd", "ent", or "mod", then XML Marker uses the DTD syntax, otherwise it uses the XML syntax.

You can alternate between the two syntaxes for the document that you are editing by using the "Parse this document as DTD" from the options menu.
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