The Icons

The Latest version is 2.2
The meaning of the different icons.
XML Marker uses different icons to represent the different parts of the XML document. The Icons are used in the Tree View and in the Tree Selection Browser. The icons are summarized in following table:

Icon Meaning Example
Attribute name="value"
empty tag <empty_tag/>
A tag containing only character data (untagged text). <name>john</name>
A tag containing exactly one attribute and no content. <person name="john smith"/>
<person name="john smith"><person>
A tag containing more then one attribute and no content. <person first_name="john" last_name="smith"/>
A tag that has character data and at least one attribute.

<tag name ="value">some character data</tag>

A tag that has at least one subtag. Optionally, it may contain character data and attributes. <tag name="value"><tabtag/></tag>
The character data (untagged text) contained in a tag <tag>This is character data</tag>
Any DTD element <!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA) >
DTD conditonal block <![%should_include_block;[%block_ref;<]]>
"DOCTYPE" part or the root of a DTD. <!DOCTYPE root_tag SYSTEM "dtd_location.dtd">
Table: the diffrent icons used in the tree view.

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