Limitations - please read.

The Latest version is 2.2
XML Marker is very good at what it does, which is source-level XML editing, but it has some important limitations:
  • No printing.
  • Limited DTD functionality.
  • No validation of the text that is entered using the table views.
  • Does not directly support all the technologies that are build on top of xml – it simply provides generic XML and DTD functionality.
  • No Unicode. That means that you cant use XML marker to read or write XML files that contains non-ascii text. – fixed in version 2.0

We are planning to address these limitations the next versions.

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joev 2011-02-14

Cannot use swedish

yigal 2011-02-14

True, XML Marker 1.1 does not have Unicode support. that should be fixed in the next version.

jsmith 2011-02-24

Any idea on when the next version will be released? This is nice application, but lack of UTF-8/16 support hurts.

yigal 2011-02-24

It should be released within few months. Sorry for the very long delay.

isme 2011-02-24

Do you plan to include XPath and XQuery support?

yigal 2011-02-24

Eventually yes. Not in the next release though. 2011-08-10

Can I use XML Marker to open and validate large files (2.5gb)? What is the file size limitation that XML Marker can handle before application performance is degraded.

yigal 2011-08-11

No. not 2.5 gb. The practical limitation is around 600mb of a moderately complicated xml file. Version 2 should be able to handle about 900mb. The test file that I used is opencyc-latest.xml available from .

The current version indeed suffer from degradation that starts at about 200 mg . This was fixed in the upcoming version 2.