Color coding

The three cell types.
The structure of a NumericBase solution is determined by the formulas that resides in the cells of the solution. Cells can be:
  • Cell with a formula.
  • Cell without a formula - unlike other spreadsheets, this does not prevent the cell from having a value.
  • Cell with a formula that overrides the default formula for the cell. The default formula for the cell is usually the formula at the base row at same column. Other  types of default formula are due to table inheritance, and due to base row formula.
Color coding.
This distinction is important for a quick understanding of the solution. The color coding features enable you to quickly distinguish between the three cell types. The color-coding feature is illustrated in the following screenshot:

Screenshot: The color coding feature.

More color coding
Another color (yellow), is reserved to overridden columns in instantiated tables.
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